The Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

Texas Hill Country Land for SaleHow do you have a custom built luxury home, in a rural location in the Texas Hill Country, with acres of green space and plentiful nature, while still having an environment that feels private and safe?   Many people discover added security comes in the form of a Hill Country Gated Community.   There’s a growing trend in the U.S. of private, well planned, gated communities of up-scale homes that include amenities for the residents’ exclusive use and abundant and useful community space for the residents.


Gated communities generally signal a community with an upscale lifestyle that values privacy and security.  They vary in their amenities for homeowners, the security offered and the types of perimeters and entrance requirements involved.  The amenities often include community centers where residents enjoy seasonal neighborhood gatherings or hold large parties for guests.  They often have unique aquatic features such as elaborate pools or perhaps a flowing lazy river to float through warm summers. Facilities for other sports and activities like tennis, golf or horse boarding and riding are often featured.  Many discerning home owners value private nature paths within the boundaries of their community where residents walk, ride bikes and exercise their pets.  Children and grandchildren can explore their surroundings without the higher levels of traffic and concerns in more public spaces.

Perimeter fencing can vary from metal or wooden fencing, to native stone or brick walls.  Such fencing serves many purposes, but mainly gives notice to others that the area is privately owned and requires special permission to enter.  Entrances usually funnel vehicles and pedestrians into or out of a community along a restricted number of gated access points.  The entry requirements in gated communities vary from checkpoint manned by security personnel, to gates that have codes or remote clickers to open the gate.


Many experts believe security is achieved in levels.  The first level is choosing a relatively safe geographical environment in which you locate your home. Inner city Dallas is generally different than rural areas of Austin Hill Country. Secondly, the specific neighborhood in which you reside, and the method of access to that community, offers more or less security.  Gated, private communities offer discrete boundaries and access to shared areas for its residents, that in many other neighborhoods are public space.  Thirdly, security systems installed on your own property and home are important to your safety and personal to specific needs.

Research shows that gated communities reduce the incidence of crime across the board.  Most residents report an increased feeling of security on all levels. Gated enclaves of homes often create stronger bonds between residents and a special shared community spirit.

But, what about emergencies you ask?  Emergency vehicles are given private codes to enter the property.  This small inconvenience leads to greater privacy, less traffic and more knowledge and familiarity of your neighbors and their vehicles.

Belvedere on Hamilton Pool Road offers a unique, private, gated community in the rolling hills and bucolic beauty of the Texas Hill Country.  One to three acre luxury homesites are part of 443 total acres which includes an 80 acre nature preserve, complete with hiking trails. Amenities include a community center, lazy river pool, and much more.

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